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Homes in Plymouth, MN have changed quite a bit over the years. It used to be that textured walls and ceilings were extremely popular. This included texture on drywall. The problem is that these textured surfaces are now extremely dated and they just make a house look old. Adding a skim coat to your wall or your ceiling can make a huge difference. If you are wanting to skim coat wall and ceiling in one or more rooms of your home, you need to hire an experienced company to take care of the job for you. That company is Humphreys Construction Services. We have plenty of experience and we want to help you to update the look of your home.

Skim Coating

At Humphreys Construction Services, we know all about what it takes to skim coat wall and ceiling. We have helped many people and families in the area with the exact same thing. In fact, there is a good chance that you have been to a friend's house and seen our work but you never knew.

One of the problems with a texture on a wall or a ceiling is that it makes it extremely hard to paint. It is just next to impossible to get the paint in every little crevice! It is also hard to add wallpaper to a textured wall. That is where skim coating comes in. It is a way to smooth out the wall so that you can then do with it what you want to do with it. You will be surprised by how a couple of small improvements can make such a difference in the overall look at a room! At Humphreys Construction Services, we take care of those who live in Minnetonka, Wayzata, and Plymouth, MN, as well as those people who live nearby.

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